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"Painting is another way of thinking"

 Gerhard Richter


copyright Marion Dessard

My work is a narrative work, which invites the observer to look really close, and to dive into the different layers and stories of the paintings.


I often juxtapose contrasting – or even contradictory - elements and techniques in one painting.  There are components of great strength and energy, alongside very sensitive ones. Imaginary elements that lead us back to our childhood dreams are found next to gestural elements, as well as geometric forms and graphic. I like to “overthrow the anticipated associations” (Michèle Destarac). This mirrors the intricacy of the world around us.


Literature, especially poetry, but also any kind of written or spoken word, highly influence my work.

Even if my work is abstract, what really interests me most, is man and his story, his emotions and his dreams, his spirituality, ...

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